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Kraig Greff

Whenever I have an important project I always start and do the bass, drums and keys (Yes, they have a real
and great sounding Hammond B-3.  Trust me, the sampling keyboards don't sound like the real thing.) at Sheffield.  I don't think anyone gets a drum sound like Jake Mossman and I've recorded in studios everywhere. 

Plus, they have the SSL Duality and a host of great preamps and incredible microphones.

When's the last time you saw a Neumann U 47 FET?

Folks, step out of your home studio for a bit and into Sheffield.  Depending on the budget,  I can finish the tracks at my place and return there to mix.  Believe me, you can hear the difference.

Kraig Greff

Piano/ Accordion/ Hammond/ Composer, & Let's Not Forget, "World's Best Hobbyist Engineer"


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