Directors Lense

Jeff Otradovec

VideoWorks - Basic Video Technology, Video Production I & II, Video Post Production I & II, Advanced Post Production.

Jeff is a filmmaker and artist teaching practical applications and the creative process behind video production. He teaches with an emphasis on experimentation and hands-on experience. He began making short films as a teenager, later earning a Bachelors Degree from Stevenson University in Film, Video, and Theatre Production and a Masters Degree from the University of Maryland in Project Management.

He has produced numerous films and documentaries as a part of an Academy Award winning production company and as a freelance filmmaker. His projects include several award winning campaigns aimed at mental health awareness and treatment. His focus on personal stories led to the creation of a documentary series filmed over the course of seven years focusing on the lives of children growing up in Baltimore City. Jeff's work has won numerous film festivals and been featured on places such as the Discovery Channel, he is also a painter and a published photographer and writer.