Video Operator


The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts maintains that the success of each graduate is more important than the volume of students we have. With this in mind, we have chosen to forego the standard route of nationally accredited schools and remain state certified through the Maryland Higher Education Commission. In doing so, we are able to have industry professionals as teachers instead of the "normal" theory teachings of other schools, and our student job placement must meet minimum requirements that regular federally financed school do not.

At Sheffield, you will learn we are not a diploma factory. We are a commercial audio/video production facility that has taken our knowledge and expertise to another level in teaching. And because of this, the industry is aware of Sheffield's high standards and knows our students will have the professional, everyday working knowledge they need in order to succeed.

Because we have chosen this path, we are unable to receive any form of federal financial aid. However, there are several avenues of funding available to our students. Once you have looked over our financing options, if you need further information, please feel free to contact Nancy Van Horn, our Accounting Supervisor. With over 30 years of financing/accounting experience in both the private and public sectors, together we can make your dream of a career in the entertainment industry become a reality.