Jeremy Robertson

Alumni Stories - Jeremy Robertson

Hey Sheffield,

I started my career with working in some dingy bars and running sound for church events. After I realized I wanted to be a full time audio engineer, I enrolled myself in Sheffields audio works program. While in school, I was given the opportunity to intern pre-grad. I jumped at the chance. While in school, I would come in early, clean, do inventory, set up for sessions and then go to class. After graduating I stayed as an intern at sheffield getting the chance to assist on some major sessions including Mario and Damnation A.D.

A Friend of mine, who had also gone to sheffield, offered me a job doing sound at Brass Monkey. It was a whole in the wall dive bar, but it was my first real paying gig. In that room, I really sharpened up my chops competing against stage volume and mixing in a room surrounded by glass. And lets be honest, trying to make a crappy band sound good takes some effort. Some of the bands that came through Brass Monkey liked what I did for them, and would contact me to run sound now and then for them at other clubs like fletchers and mac's. This is when I started to realize There is a definite future in this business for me.

Meg, being the awesome career services woman that she was, heard that Ringling was hiring. After applying and interviewing,in october of 2007 I was flown to Colorado to meet up with the show and start working as the monitor assistant. There I went from being an amature, to a professional real quick. After working hard and earning my keep as they say, I eventually made my way to being Chief FOH engineer. It was an awesome gig. I would load in the arena tour, simm the system, sound check the band, and mix almost all of the 2 hour shows. Its here I gained experience with digital consoles and sound mapping using Digicos D5LIVE and Use Compass to tune our rig. After many years with them, another circus came knocking at my door when a performer who had previously been on my tour mentioned I was a good engineer.

So, in 2010, I accepted the position as head of audio for a New york based company called, Big Apple Circus. The rig was pretty simple... an M7cl for FOH, Avioms for monitors and more CQ1'S and UPA's that I had become intimate with while at Ringling. The Tour ended, and in preperation for the new season and new show, Big Apple offered me The position of Assistant sound designer. I was stocked to be so young and have such a big credit to my name. Working with the sound designer, Jean- Pierre Peruax, the VP of PRG Bob Rendon, and an all around sound genius Dan Gerhart. we came up with an idea to use 3 hangs of Vertec paired with Meyer subs. The end result was amazing and Big Apple had never sounded better.

Unfortunately, we men make poor decisions sometimes when a woman is involved, and in late 2010 I left Big Apple, giving the job to another sheffield grad, chris deluccien who had worked under me at Ringling. I moved to Florida and began working for Disney as an audio engineer. Here I worked my way into being one of the few audio engineers used for big events like marathons, live bands, festivals, ESPN sports events and Star wars weekends. I have to say, by this point I had toured the country, seen almost everything, pinch hit on Broadway while working with Big Apple, met countless celebrities, but nothing compared to micing one of the most influential people of this and many generations. George Lucas, Anthony Daniels, and all of the stars from his movie Star wars, was by far and still is my biggest highlight.

Only being at Disney for a Year, I felt that even though the people were amazing and the job was cool, I was meant to be touring. I left Disney and after some hard months, picked up some freelance work through Show Systems and PRG. Although I was not touring or working a whole lot, I was proud of What I was doing. With show systems, I would get called in to prep for some serious tours. Neyo, Cee-lo, Lifehouse..... and sometimes would end up as the A1 for gigs like a karmin show on a roof top in Miami Beach for sunglass hut. PRG mainly had me doing corporate load ins and load outs.

At this point of staggered work, I must admit I was discouraged. I was running late on all my bills and luckily had a land lord that was a close friend. I was low, And out of the blue, I get a call about an awesome Tour. The same company that owns Ringling Offered me a job as the systems engineer for Nuclear Cowboyz. I was once again touring and meeting some amazing people. Nuke is a freestyle motorcross theatrical show with dancers, pyro, lasers, and of course, the best sounding arena rig. HaHa. Just sayin. I toured nationally and internationally with them for their 16 week tour. At the end of the tour, I was able to keep freelancing which kept me pretty busy until I realized being home here in Baltimore was something I missed and wanted to spend time with my Family and loved ones after being away for so long.

So, here I am, now living in Baltimore, freelancing and working part time at Rams Head Center Stage located in Maryland Live casino. My career since leaving Sheffield has been amazing and fruitful, and because of the training I received at Sheffield, I know I have what it takes to be a competitor in this industry. Theres is plenty more gigs that will come my way and for now I'm enjoying some quality time with family. My advice for anyone going to Sheffield, Work hard, work smart, get your hands dirty in labs, ask a thousand questions, and don't be afraid to start at the bottom. We all do, and remember, the bottom gets you ready for the top.

- Jeremy