Richard "Vance" Van Horn

Richard "Vance" Van Horn
Owner / President
"Every day's an adventure"

Vance entered this industry in 1970 as a frustrated drummer straight out of High school.  He started working at ITI Recording Incorporated in Hunt Valley running the record pressing plant and dedicating his time to being in the recording studios. When ITI dissolved he went on to help start Sontec Records and Electronics in Cockeysville, Maryland. After four years he decided to shut down the record plant and come to Sheffield!

While working at Sheffield he booked the music studios and the Remote Recording trucks for 15 years before becoming a member of the Recording Truck crew. Vance went on to tour and do hundreds of shows like The Grammys, Superbowl, MTV Music Awards, Live from the House of Blues TV series, Farm Aid, New Orleans Jazz Festival and many more. 

After 5 years of touring Vance was named Vice President of Sheffield and helped to oversee the day to day operations of the Remote Video Division, Remote Audio Division, In house audio/video studios as well as the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts.

He is currently the President and oversees all day to day activities here at Sheffield.