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Audio Recording

Audio Recording Studio


Since 1968, Sheffield Recordings Ltd. has been providing high quality media production services to the public.

Sheffield's 44+ years of experience has established our reputation as one of the national leaders in audio recording, mixing and post-production. With a skilled staff, extensive equipment and impressive client list, Sheffield's name has long been associated with the highest quality audio.

Choose from Two State-of-the-Art Recording Studios in Maryland

Studio A

Studio A  contains a 48-channel analog SSL Duality console and Pro Tools HD system. With its large recording space, 50'x40' with 18' ceilings, and its excellent acoustic properties, it is an outstanding room for any type of recording project.

Studio B

The more intimate Studio B contains a 96-channel digital Yamaha DM2000 console and Pro Tools HD Native system. The studio is divided into three separte acoustic spaces providing dead, average and live sounding room tone, making it ideal for any type of audio recording project.


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